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Your Personal Chef &  Health Coach

Great Tasting Food, Cooked Fresh

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I was!

Made entirely without ...




(Minimal added oils)

    With 100% ...

Whole Food

Plant Based



I am Chef Pam ...

And, I am committed to creating delicious plant-based dishes and serving them to YOU. We already know that it is a great idea to bump up our

vegetable consumption, right?


Let's make it easier by having me cook and clean.


I will PROVE to you how easy and amazingly delicious plants can be!


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Did you know?

All these diseases can be managed with a Plant-Based Whole food diet.

• Heart disease

(#1 killer of all)

• Heart attack

• High blood pressure



• Cancer

• Type 2 diabetes

• Arthritis

• Osteoporosis


• Stroke

• Asthma

• Gall stones

• Kidney stones

More Health Tips

I can also customize to your needs:

Some people require special dietary restrictions.

• Macrobiotic Diets


• Gerson Therapy Diet


• McDougall Program

(Standard and Maximum Weight Loss)


• Eat to Live Program

• Clean Programs


• Gluten-free Diets


• Paleo "Vegan"

(these are extremely limiting,

but not impossible)


• Happy Herbivore Meal Plans

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